E. John Tompkins, P.E.

CEO, Boundless Energy, LLC
Limited Partner, Neptune RTS

On Board of Directors and COO, Sea Breeze Pacific, RTS
On Board of Directors and COO, Juan de Fuca Cable Management, Inc.
President, Tompkins Research & Management Consulting

In the United States Mr. Tompkins has been active in representing the interests of several select major clients and several municipalities in the energy industry internationally. In 1997, Mr. Tompkins designed an integrated submarine HVDC network serving the Canadian Maritimes and New England/New York. This was one of the first such applications of HVDC technology to reinforce existing AC systems in the world and was presented to several utilities and non utility clients of TR&MC prior to forming Atlantic Energy Partners, LLC, of which Mr. Tompkins was a Director.

TR&MC performed all of the initial Technical, Engineering, Marine & Bathymetric Analysis, and supervised the System Reliability Impact Studies. Mr. Tompkins is a co-founder of Boundless Power, an energy aggregator and broker for serving industrial clients in the Northeast, and worked with AMT to demo Real-Time metering systems for load aggregation and control. Mr. Tompkins worked with ACEC, of Belgium, and the project’s new owner, Worcester Energy, on Redevelopment of a Peat Project in Maine, and assisted Endless Energy, Inc on development of a wind project in Maine.

Mr. Tompkins was the Senior Corporate Officer of the Energy Planning Department at Green Mountain Power Company in South Burlington, VT., and was in charge of all power contracts, generation, planning and research for 5 years during the 1980’s.  GMP’s extensive Wind Research program that he was in charge of that resulted in the development of the first Utility Wind Generation project in the Northeast.

Prior to Green Mountain Power, Mr. Tompkins worked for Northeast Utilities in the Planning department for 10 years during the 1970’s and was the head of the Special Studies section. While Mr Tompkins was at Northeast Utilities, the Planning Dept developed the 1,000 MW Northfield Mountain Project, the 400 MW Middletown #4 Generator and Phase 1 & 2 of the Nepool/HQ HVDC 2,000 MW, 1500 mile interconnection.

While working for these utilities Mr. Tompkins was involved with the development of all generation developed and major AC and HVDC interconnections from 1970. Specifically at GMP Mr. Tompkins was responsible for the planning and power contracting departments and directly managed & was in charge of development of GMP’s share of Phase I and Phase II of the HQ to New England HVDC project and the HQ to High Gate, VT HVDC project.

Mr. Tompkins was a Board Member of Atlantic Energy Partners, LLC prior to its dissolution in 2016.