Westbrook Energy Center

This project is a 560 MW CCGT, (operational since 2001), initiated by TR&MC prior to forming Boundless Energy. Though a generation project located in Westbrook Maine, it is noted here because it represents the type of comprehensive and innovative development concepts that have made Boundless’ transmission projects so unique. Westbrook Energy Center was initiated at the request of the City of Westbrook, which partnered with TR&MC as an effort to retain industrial development and spur economic growth.

Though starting a year behind other nearby merchant CCGT projects sponsored by large companies such as National Power and Indeck, TR&MC was able to enhance the project’s economics by siting it for flexible interconnection and gas supply as well as providing air pollution offsets and electric and thermal load. TR&MC’s role was to site the project, establish an energy aggregation company and solicit customers, negotiate gas supply and electric off-take agreements (including the establishment of a new “city” gate for competitive gas supply, perform initial interconnection and permitting analyses and to bring the City a mezzanine developer/financer. Calpine/GE ultimately completed the project in just 36 months from Boundless’ inception of it.

TR&MC designed and developed the unique concept for the City of Westbrook to have it’s own gas pipeline interconnection and LDC “City Gate” at the junction of two major gas pipeline systems. TR&MC negotiated with the existing LDC for this right which allowed Westbrook to access natural gas at transmission prices without any local distribution charges. This advantage was a major reason why Westbrook successfully competed against other nearby projects, which were ultimately canceled, even though they were proposed before Westbrook, were ahead in development, and had large financial backers.